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We specialize in helping you sell

your home quick and hassle-free!

Our business specializes in helping homeowners with a quick and hassle-free sale of their home in the Twin Ports, Minnesota area. Whether you’re relocating, ready to downsize, or selling off an inherited property, we make the process quick and easy. Contact We Buy Houses Twin Ports today and let us help you make your next move in life.


We make selling your home quick and hassle-free!

Moving House

Relocation or Downsizing

Time to move on to something new? We offer solutions to help you relocate from your

old home easier so you can start enjoying your new space faster.

We Buy Inherited Homes

When you inherit a home from a loved one, there is often an emotion attached to that situation. Family dynamics can also complicate things. There’s usually work to be done on the home and many details to figure out. Selling a home can be a long process, but we offer solutions to make things quick and easy for you and your family.

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We Buy Homes of Seniors Transitioning

When it’s time for a senior to transition to a new residence, you can contact us. We will help your family take care of details of the home sale so you don’t have to. Don’t let that house sit vacant, we have a fast and easy process to buy your home!

Worry-free Sale of Your Home

If you're feeling overwhelmed about the details of selling your home, we will buy your house

AND we will help make the sale easy for you!

Don't worry because our specialists will be there to help you every step of the way.

Stressed Woman

Whether you’re buying or selling, we’ve got the resources you need.

House Hunt

How we make the sale easy for you:

●  We listen to your concerns and come up with a plan that is beneficial for you

●  You’ll avoid expensive home repairs, cleaning, sorting, and decluttering

●  You’ll save time by avoiding recurring home showings and bothersome open houses

●  You’ll avoid any Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Inspectors, Appraisers, or Lenders

●  Skipping the appraisal process and home inspection makes the process even quicker

●  There’s no tedious paperwork; and no extra fees like commissions or closing costs

●  We allow for “open” closing dates which give flexible move out dates to benefit the seller

Our quick and easy sale process:

Step 1: Fill out the Contact Form below to get the process started.

Step 2: We’ll then contact you to talk about your situation and get details on the property you wish to sell.

Step 3: We’ll schedule a visit and come do a walk through of the home.

Step 4: We’ll make you a no-obligation offer to buy your home.

Step 5: You’ll decide if you’d like to accept the offer and if so, you’ll pick a closing date that is convenient for you.


Thanks for submitting!

Modern Kitchen

Call or text 218-270-7799 for more info!

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